Bicycle Service Shop

We are a full service bicycle shop.

Vintage cruisers, to high end racing, to your daily commuter.  We’ve got you covered.

We specialize in rebuilding, customizing, & re-purposing the bike you’ve already got for whatever your adventure may be.

Although we only sell used bikes, we carry a large assortment of retail parts & accessories in addition to having access to used parts as well, for you budget-minded folks.


*Prices do not include parts

*Expedited/last minute work is subject to a 20% up charge

Hourly Labor $60

Initial Inspection/Diagnosis FREE

Tune Ups

Simple Tune (No Gears) $25

  • Minor cleaning, lubricating chain and cables, tightening all bolts and fasteners

Standard Tune $50

  • Simple Tune plus adjusting brakes and shifting

Deluxe Tune $75

  • Standard Tune plus truing wheels, adjusting hubs

Overhaul/ Rebuild $200


Brake $10

Bottom Bracket $10

Bleed Brakes $15- 35

Derailleur $15

Derailleur Hanger $15

Hub $10

Headset $10

Install/ Replace

Bar Tape $10

Brake Lever (Road) $30

Brake lever (Mountain) $20

Brake Pads $10

Bottom Bracket $20-40

Cable $10

Chainrings $20

Chain $5

Cranks $15-30

Drop Handlebars $35-50

Disc Brake $30

Disc Brake w/ Bleed $50

Derailleur $20

Fork $40

Freewheel/ Cassette $10

Flat Handlebar $20

Fenders $20-40

Headset $35

Rim Tape $10

Rack $15-25

Rim Brake $25

Shifter $20

Stem $10

Tube and/or Tire $5

Tube and/or Tire (internal Hub) $10-25

Tubeless Sealant $10-20

Training Wheels $10


True Wheel $15-25

Replace Spoke $15-35

Tubeless Conversion $25