BOB Trailer Rentals


We’re VERY excited to have BOB trailer rentals available for folks.  Ever wanted to try an overnight bike trip?  Now you can with out having to invest a ton of money into racks, packs, panniers, or a new trailer and even a new bike.

We’ve got the adapters to make these trailers work with ANY bicycle out there.  Once you’ve done an overnight bike trip we’re confident you’ll be hooked and then you can decide if a trailer is the right way to go or carrying the gear on your bike is the right way to go.  BOTH carrying methods work great.

Want to rent some panniers or frame bags?  Yep, we can do that too.

If you are hooked, you can use up to 3 rental fees towards the purchase of your very own!


B.O.B YAK Trailer w/ Dry Bag:



B.O.B. IBEX Trailer w/ Dry Bag: