How Does Consignment Work?

*For the time-being we are only accepting bikes, bike parts, racks, and boats on consignment. We are not accepting clothing or soft goods. Please check back here or contact us for updates!

How does consignment at the Gear Fix work?

Go through your pre-loved gear and outdoor clothing and decide what you can part ways with. Bring your items by anytime during our open business hours (no appointment necessary!) and we will sort through what we are currently accepting. Please see our Summer and Winter gear guidelines – no matter what time of year we only accept CLEAN and FUNCTIONAL items.

Whatever we don’t accept is returned on the spot or you may chose to donate it. We’ll get you started with a personal account on which we will price and enter the accepted items to go out for sale in the shop.

We set the prices of the items based off a combination of our own experience selling it previously, its original retail price, its going used price out there in the world, its demand here in Central Oregon, wear & tear, and of course your input!

Once an item sells we take a commission and the rest of the money arrives in your account after 7 days from the sale date.

Pick up a check for your account balance OR use it in the shop for any of our goods or services for a little extra percentage.

It’s all up to you!

We work on a sliding scale for rates:

Under $100 your receive 40% of the selling price

$100-$199, you receive 50% of the selling price

$200-$299, you receive 60% of the selling price

$300 & up, you receive 70% of the selling price

If you decide to use any or all of your credit in the store, your credit will go 10% further!

If for any reason you’d like to have us return your item, you can pick it up anytime, even after consigning it.

Please give us a call to check on the status of your account and if you have any questions whatsoever.