How Does Consignment Work?

How does consignment at the Gear Fix work?

Step 1: Bring in your well-loved, clean, and functional outdoor clothing & gear. For a general idea of what we accept for each season, see our summer and winter gear guidelines below. We are a seasonal shop, so the items we accept on consignment vary throughout the year. 

Step 2: We will go through your items when you bring them in and give you back whatever we do not take to sell. 

Step 3: We will price your items based on a number of variables, including original retail price, age of the item, wear & tear, and desirability. Of course, we are happy to take your input if you want a particular item priced higher or lower. 

Step 4: Once an item sells, we take a commission (see table below for details) and the rest of the money arrives in your account 7 days from the sale date. You can check the status of your account any time by simply giving us a call or stopping by the shop.

Step 5: Pick up a check for your account balance OR use it in the shop on any of our goods or services. Your credit will go 10% further if used in the store.

We work on a sliding scale for rates:
Under $100 your receive 40% of the selling price
$100-$199, you receive 50% of the selling price
$200-$299, you receive 60% of the selling price
$300 & up, you receive 70% of the selling price

If for any reason you want your item(s) back before they have sold, let us know and we will return them to you. 


Summer Consignment Guidelines: 

  • camping gear
  • backpacking tents
  • lightweight sleeping bags
  • MTB shoes & clothing
  • bikes
  • hiking apparel & shoes
  • kayaks & paddles
  • water sandals (Chacos, Tevas)
  • climbing equipment

Winter Consignment Guidelines:

  • skis & snowboards
  • snowboard bindings
  • ski & snowboard boots
  • winter boots (Sorels)
  • 20 degree or lower sleeping bags
  • 4 season tents
  • snow pants & jackets
  • shovels & probes
  • avalanche backpacks 

If you have any questions as to whether we would take a specific item on consignment, feel free to call or email us.