Outdoor Footwear & Boot Repair


CURRENTLY NOT TAKING ANY FOOTWEAR FOR NON SEWING REPAIRS WHILE WE TRAIN SOME NEW COBBLERS – Expect to start taking climbing shoes & boots again in Mid April . . . ish.  Apologies for the inconvenience, but this will allow us to speed up the turnaround times in our growing and busy shop.   We are still taking zipper and sewing repairs.  Please give us a call if you have any questions or need an update.

Mountaineering & Hiking Boot Repair

We use Vibram soles straight from the manufacturer to get your boots back in shape.

Price ranges from $75-$100

Please give us a call or contact us with a picture for a more detailed quote.

Wading Boots & Waders

Want, or need, to switch from Felt to rubber?  We work with Five Ten, Vibram, Simms, & Korkers to get you back out there.  Prefer Felt?  We can do that as well.

Felt Resole: $55

Stream Tread: $65

Fiveten Aquastealth: $65

Additional Charge to Add Studs Varies – Please Call to Clarify

Resole options: Aqua Stealth, Vibram Stream Tread, or Felt

We also have a selection of studs and cleats that we can install for you or ship back with your newly repair boots.

Stud Options: Pre-Studded Felt, Simms Brand Studs & Cleats, or Korkers Brand Studs & Cleats

Sandals & Water Based Footwear

Chacos, Tevas, & other similar footwear are no problem for our cobblers.  $40-$90

Resole Options: Vibram Stream Tread, Five Ten Aqua Stealth, Vibram Kletterlift

Birkenstock Resoles & Repair

We can resole your favorite pair of Birkenstocks!  From cork repair, to resole, to a full rebuild with a new footbed.  Prices range from $30 for just a resole up to $90 for a full rebuild (basically the only thing original is the leather).  Please give us a call or E-mail us some pictures for a specific quote.  We an also do custom work as well.

Climbing Shoes Resole & Repair

Click Here For Climbing & Approach Shoe Resole Pricing

Something else?  Something custom?

Give us a call or shoot us an E-mail.  We’ve got a pretty creative group of problem solvers here at the shop that can help out with any projects thrown are way.  Be it a big project or just a small one, or something some might say is just a wee bit crazy . . . We got you covered.

Shipping & Turnaround Time

To ship your footwear, please ship to the below address:

Shipping costs are generally $10-12 USPS Priority.

Please Address To:

The Gear Fix, LLC
ATTN: Shoe Shop
550 SW Industrial Way, Suite 183
Bend, OR 97702

Make sure to include your contact information & any special notes you may have.

We will call to give you a quote and collect payment information.  We won’t start any work until it’s been approved by you first.

Currently running 2-3 weeks for Sandals
8 weeks on boots

Please call ahead to verify current turnaround times.